Her miniature style and wonderous imagination can take your breath away.
Come with me on a tour...from San Diego to New York City.
See for yourself, the magic that is Alice Hudson.

Alice Hudson's PALACE FOR WEDNESDAY is a wonderous work of art.
Wednesday and SIXTY of her friends occupy this marvelous fantasy village.
The structure stands approximately 4 feet tall and nearly all of the fantasy
creatures inside and out are under 6" tall! It's hard to imagine, but all of the
creatures are made of fabric! They have sculpted faces and some even have
articulated fingers.

Alice certainly shows us what it means to use our imagination and express
ourselves through our art. This page is my tribute to this gifted artist.

If you have any more information about Alice, please email me!

"Alice Hudson is at her best when grouping her figures, made of cloth on a wire
armature, in scenes with props. Her Beauty and the Beast and Blue Dragon are,
as always imaginative, but it is Wednesday's Players, a group of actors wearing,
or rather bearing in the sense of human as puppet, theatrical costumes in a stage
setting that commands the most attention. Her use of found bits of cloth and other
materials, combined with a unique and almost impressionistic style, make Hudson
a welcome addition to any doll show and a splendid representative of the cloth
medium." Gail Enid Zimmerman, Cloth Doll Magazine spring/summer 1986 issue

Alice Hudson

"Did you ever wonder how exhibitions are born? What choices are made?
What decisions go into the planning and design of such representations?
The Museum of the City of New York is pleased to offer a new series of
online exhibitions that provide a glimpse into the behind the scenes process
of institutional decision-making. This first installment features highlights
of the recent installment of the new fantasy dollhouse in the Toy Gallery,
now on view at the Museum The Urban Cultural Center with the Mysterious
Locked Room, conceived and fabricated by renowned doll artist, Alice
Hudson. This piece was created from paper, flour, paste, feathers, wire and
spangles. Ms Hudson also provided a key to her creation, which enlists an
imaginative cast of characters in making this fairy tale palace come to life.
Each installment is like putting a puzzle together, finding just the right
solutions to small bits that will make the whole puzzle read its many meanings.
The Urban Cultural Center with the Mysterious Locked room is perhaps
more of a puzzle than most, because when the installation is finished, the
mystery remains.

"The dollhouse and its denizens are packed carefully in boxes. Measurements of
the base had been taken prior to packing and a stand and plexi vitrine have
been located with the right dimensions. The base is painted to match the rest of
the gallery. The case was situated within the gallery and installation began.

"The cultural center was created, level by level, and slowly accumulated the lush
detail of characters and scenery the artist designed. Several individual characters,
some arranged in their future display groupings, were photographed seperately
for publicity uses.

"With each new level of the Cultural Center, the work's detail and delicacy
becomes more apparent. Each addition also prompts new questions. Questions
arising during an installation are no surprise. The Exhibit Designer, Artist, and
Curator discuss various options to find the best solution. For this installment,
lighting issues had to be resolved. The Toy Gallery maintains low lighting levels
to protect some of the light sensitive objects on display. This meant the lower
level of the Cultural Center was cast in dark shadow and difficult to see. The
solution was to install a tiny light bulb that looked like the lights in the garage.

"When the solutions have been implemented, each piece of the puzzle placed,
and every detail reviewed, a plexiglass vitrine is screwed into place over the
whole display. Labels and the Artist's key are added to the outside of the
case. Once the puzzle of installation is solved, the gallery is ready for
visitors to view the piece and consider their own solutions to the puzzle of
The Urban Cultural Center With the Mysterious Locked Room."
Behind the Scenes at the Museum of the City of New York