HUGS don't cost anything, so please don't sell them.
HUGS are meant to be given away!

You can just print this webpage and it will print the correct original size.
Or you can save it to your harddrive and print it at 80% for original size.

Trace all parts onto doubled fabric. Sew on the traced lines leaving open where indicated.
Stuff head firmly. Baste around the opening and gather. Knot your thread and cut off.
Stuff fingers and thumb with chenille stems. If you're doing the mitten hand, fold a chenille
stem FOUR times to fill out the finger area. Stuff around the chenille stems and finish
stuffing the arm. Baste around opening and gather. Stuff bust firmly leaving open where indicated.
Place head in opening of bust. You may need to twist it back and forth screwing it in.
Ladder stitch the neck to the bust.
Place arms on either side of shoulder and play with them to get them into the correct position.
Pin arms in place. Squeeze the arms toward each other and
ladder stitch the arms to the torso. Curve the fingers over the shoulders.
Sculpt the cheeks by entering with needle at top of head and coming out at corner of mouth. (see "x")
Exit at "x" then enter on either side of it. Exit at top of head and give a gentle tug. Knot thread and cut off.
Do the other cheek the same way. There's your smile!
Draw a line for each eye. Sculpt by coming out at the inner corner and going in at the outer corner.
Tug on your thread to indent the eye and knot your thread. Add eyelashes & eyebrows.
Add hair, trims, beads, whatever you'd like to the head and clothe the bust and arms if you'd like.
Ruffled lace is very good for the clothing. So is antique or crocheted lace.
Embellish it as much as you'd like! It's YOUR hug!
Add a pin to the back and wear your hug. It's guaranteed to bring a smile!